5 Amazing Ways How Home Automation Can Improve Your House

Smart Home Automation Defined:  Smart home technology refers to the devices that can be connected to a network and controlled remotely. Some prominent examples of these devices include lights, TVs, speakers and more. Smart Home Automation in Denver is catching up swiftly and it allows the owners to dive into a high tech experience with [...]

March 12th, 2017|Smart Home|

7even Construction Trends That Will Be Lucky For Companies In 2017

As reported by http://www.industriesnews.net/, 'Denver's retail real estate market reported to be world's second-hottest'. With the news trending it is inevitable for home builders in Denver to experience a boost in 2017. With new and emerging home construction trends in Denver the industry's forecast states that the construction business will have a smooth track this [...]

February 26th, 2017|Press|

Popular New Home Design Trends for 2017

Going to the length of finding land, acquiring financing, and finally pulling the trigger on a custom-built, new home requires an investment of time, money and energy that should result in a genuinely well-made home that is a pure joy to live in. In this article, we're looking at some of the most popular new [...]

February 1st, 2017|Uncategorized|

Donald Trump To Build A Wall Around Denver Country, Colorado

President-elect of the United States of America Donald Trump today announced his plans to build a wall around Colorado. Trump intends to build the wall as his second act in office, right after signing off on Ivankacare, a federal law intended to make cosmetic surgery more accessible for women in the US. Trump made the [...]

January 16th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Denver Construction Quality and Prime’s Mission

Within the custom home building market, all too often there are designers, builders, contractors and brokers who are still so attached to the 'old' way of doing things that innovation and forward-thinking construction takes a back seat. The Denver construction market, particularly the residential market, is an excellent example of mediocre-quality craftsmanship run amok. For [...]

January 4th, 2017|Company, Press, Uncategorized|