brick,stucco and concrete
The overall construction scenario in Denver seems to be dominated by the brick construction. If we consider some statistics then brick and frame constitute of nearly 90% of the construction material in Denver. But why is brick so popular and why does stucco and concrete not used predominantly in the construction of homes.



Here are a few compelling reasons that explain why bricks rule the construction market today:

  • Made from natural ingredients: Bricks are made of natural materials like shale and clay, which are easily available. The whole process to create a brick allows the clay particles to fuse together nicely which makes it significantly stronger as compared to other materials like concrete brick.
  • A proven track record: Bricks have been used extensively in the past 5000 years and many civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans and Indus Valley have used them to create magnificent structures that last. This has helped create a consistent manufacturing process to create bricks of higher quality in the present day scenario.
  • They offer better fire and wind protection: Clay is one of the primary ingredient of the bricks and it is tough to burn out, thus making it an excellent option for restricting fires in their tracks. Along with superior fire protection, bricks also offer excellent wind protection and can handle an object impact as hard as 35mph while holding their own against high speed winds of up to 80mph or more.
  • Better performance against moisture: Bricks show a superior performance in moist conditions and can clad well with other materials used in the exterior construction. This makes them a perfect candidate to fight rotting, moulding, weeds, corrosion and pest’s infestation on the whole.
  • Energy efficient and aesthetically appealing: Bricks are a value for money and can work even when they are not painted. They are built to last and have proven their mettle in terms of aesthetic appeal as well. Thanks to its excellent thermal mass, bricks keeps the home cool during hot days and helps you stay warm during the winters by radiating the heat back into the house.

Therefore, use the finest quality bricks to make your dream home and while you are at it, customize the interior and turn your home into a smart one. Visit today and explore a wide range of options for home design, home automation, home renovation and more.