Formed in the middle 1800s during the time of gold rush, Denver was founded as a mining hub and ever since its formation back then, it has developed a great deal. People often ask ‘Is Denver the best place to live and work in America?’. Over the past many years the place has evolved and so have the citizens residing in it. From a bunch of easy going gamblers, it is now home to a number of fitness enthusiasts, progressive citizens and nature’s admirers who wish to make the place better with each passing year.
With an official elevation of 5,279 feet it has been nicknamed as ‘Mile High City’. It is primarily located at the very base of the famous Rocky Mountains, which are a great location for various outdoor activities and best known for snowboarding and devout ski. Due to it’s location people often mistake Denver for a mountain town. The actual location is about an hour’s drive and there are some amazing recreational places on the road such as Cherry Creek State Park, downtown and Red Rocks.
Where does Denver stand in U.S. News analysis?: When 100 metro places were analyzed by U.S. News throughout the United States and evaluations were made on the basis of life quality, employment scenario and living value along with the resident’s opinion, it was found that Denver stood 2nd gaining an amazing score of 7.5/10.

Real estate scenario in Denver: Thanks to its ever growing greenery and constant development in all spheres of life, Denver has experienced a boost in its population in the past few years. This has created increased demand for residential properties and has made the properties a premium affair. The prices are rising, but there is no better time to buy a place than the present.

How’s the weather in Denver?: Generally the city experiences as little dry and quite a sunny weather. However, the area has its fair share of rainfall, snowfall and little bit of lightning due to its geographical setting at the mountain’s foothills. The weather is interesting and you would love to experience the changing weather. Best part about Denver is that the place has bright blue skies to soothe your eyes and even during snowfall, the thin layers melt away by noon. This makes it one of the most easy places to live.

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